Share videos, garma garam!

If you're attached to your mobile like an extra arm then you need Tak.

With Tak, you're not just the first to know but the first to share – what’s new, what’s hot, what’s trending, what’s cool and interesting – not only in India but around the world.

Now be the first, the start, the trend that goes viral on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Tak is created for your mobile not adjusted for your mobile. Content that is on, for and by the mobile, giving you a unique experience no other site can match.

Now dont get tired of buffering long videos re-adjusted from another source, or from another screen? Or videos which have too much movement or sound creating a borrowed experience on your mobile? Too many people in one screen and many jarring glitches? All that is now over with Tak. Welcome a whole new type of journalism. MOJO. MObile JOurnalism.


  • Open up the hot list of less than one-minute videos, whenever and wherever you are.
  • Choose from a vast array of topics to explore, including Cricket, Bollywood, Politics, CCTV, Humour, Animals and many more.
  • Augmented experience with vast range of emojis for instant comments. Express your emotions uninhibited.

Join the sabze sharable experience and share it! :)

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